Africa Horizons webinar series: The changing tides in Africa’s home buying trends

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For many people the home has now become a hub from which they work, exercise, learn, socialise and relax. Trends towards wellness living and smart living are expected to take centre stage. Until recently, one of the strongest considerations impacting homeowners’ decisions on where to buy has been proximity to their place of work. Generally, this would mean a trade-off between space and lifestyle amenities on the one hand and reduced travel times and access to the city on the other. This demand for city living and proximity to urban centres across Africa underpinned the surge in prime residential properties around CBDs prior to the pandemic.

In major cities such as Cape Town and Nairobi, it is now clear that “working from home” and flexible office hours are here to stay. As a result, there has been a meaningful shift in the mindset of homebuyers. Those who once considered proximity to work to be a key factor are now placing emphasis on lifestyle and tranquillity. On the other hand, the pandemic has presented an opportunity for residential developers such as Clifton Terraces to rethink design of residential developments.

In this webinar, Knight Frank’s residential team discusses how the pandemic has fundamentally shifted home buyers attitudes towards the places they call home discuss how valuation influences performance and other challenges that valuers are facing doing valuations in an era of huge market disruptions mainly as a result of the pandemic.

• Nick Gaertner – Managing Director, Knight Frank South Africa

• Tarquin Gross – Head of Agency, Kenya
• Kate Everett-Allen– Partner, Residential Research, Knight Frank UK
• Oliver Banks- Account Manager and Sales Executive, Knight Frank UK

• Rami Harawi – Principal Private Investment Group

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