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At a glance: Key findings from Africa Horizons report 2021
Tilda Mwai offers her key take-aways from the Africa Horizons report 2021 by highlighting the key themes in the report. The Africa Horizons report highlights investment opportunities and trends across…
2 years ago
The future of serve-lead real estate in Africa
With service-led real estate rising steadily up the agenda, Knight Frank experts from across the continent share their thoughts on the trend – and what it means for their real estate markets
2 years ago
Real estate as a service will take off in Africa after Covid-19
Property economist Professor François Viruly tells Tilda Mwai why he thinks the Covid-19 pandemic could speed the adoption of real estate as a service across Africa.
2 years ago
Covid-19 has encouraged Innovation in Africa's retail industry
Africa’s retailers were initially hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, but with the help of some innovative thinking they are already bouncing back. We look at six of the trends driving the retail…
2 years ago
The future of the hotel sector in Africa after Covid-19
Africa Horizons asks three stakeholders from the African hospitality sector to share their views on what the future holds post Covid-19
2 years ago
The drivers of overseas real estate investment into Africa
New research from Knight Frank’s data science team provides an insight into who is investing in the continent’s real estate markets.
2 years ago

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The case for investment across the continent is compelling, but too many investors risk missing out on the multitude of opportunities on offer.
2 years ago
South African venture capitalist Vusi Thembekwayo highlights the opportunities on offer to investors across Africa – and tackles the tough questions the continent needs to answer before it can fulfil…
2 years ago