Work for yourself not by yourself

Working for someone will not make y rich thats a fact. Of course before finding your way, beein sure what you want to do, you can experience things, especially if your below 20 years of age.

TOWNCITY offers you a chance to join a friendly team, learning a very intresting profession with passinate co-workers, and moreover will allow you to create an additional income depending yor motivation, and how you like the business yo can expect realisticly beetween 500$ to 3000$ monthly, enough for you to prepare yor next professinal move, and maybe creating your own company.

Whatever your projects, we will listen to them and mabe supprt them if we see in yur project a profitable and sustainable business for all parts involved.

It will make you rich...

i want to know more, how to apply ?

Contact us ton get more informations or just pass by our office we are in BKK1, you will be laways welcome 🙂 you can contact us by FB messenger as well via our facebok page

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