Why choose TownCity Real Estate Appraisal for your Machinery?

Having a vague idea of the value of your machinery simply is not good enough. In order to protect yourself from liability when dealing with partners, shareholders, potential buyers, financial institutions, and government agencies, it is imperative that you have;

  • Certified and well trained appraisers.
  • Accurate and reliable result.
  • Documented proof of your property’s value.
  • Strong database.


  • Plant and machinery valuation is described as the process of estimating the worth of a plant and machinery asset, undertaken by professional valuers. Plant and machinery include all assets or devices used in all industry sectors for the production or provision of goods and services be it construction, mining, manufacturing, food processing, hospitality and hospitals

Purpose of Machinery Valuation

  • Financial reporting
  • Auditing
  • Determination of equity
  • Risk management
  • Asset management
  • Real Estate Mortgage for abroad studying
  • Embassy requirement

Why is Machinery Valuation Important?


Buyers want to know the worth of the plant and machinery assets in order to make a reasonable offer or bid. They need to ascertain whether the price tag of the plant and machinery assets they are considering investing in, is reasonable and a true representation of its price.


Valuation is undertaken in order to come up with price of the plant and machinery assets. Here, the professional valuers look for comparable of recent sale of plant and machinery assets of similar make, capacity, condition and year of manufacture. Allowances are made for outstanding features not prevalent on the subject plant and machinery assets to arrive at a fair price.

3.Equipment Financing

Equipment financiers need valuation on plant and machinery assets to determine the collateral value which justifies the loan amount. Plant and machinery being financed through equipment finance include heavy machinery, construction, manufacturing, transportation, IT and office equipment.

4.Financial Reporting

Plant and machinery valuation is required various financial purposes such as for balance sheet; accounting; auditing and internal management. The bottom line is plant and machinery assets are valued in order to determine the economic worthiness of the plant and machinery to the company as part of an ongoing business concern.