Towncity Real Estate Co., Ltd provides a property valuation services for both investors and property financiers.
All banks use Loan-to-Value (LVR) ratios when deciding whether to lend, and how much they are willing to lend, for property purchases. From the bank’s perspective, getting the valuation right is critical to their credit risk. From the property investor’s perspective, the higher the LVR (potentially), the higher the return on investment.

Getting this valuation right is what Towncity Real Estate does. We look at lease rates and consider their sustainability, we look at surrounding developments and infrastructure, we perform net present value (“NPV”) calculations using various discount rate scenarios and we look at capitalization rates.
Ultimately, the competitive edge in valuation is local knowledge, not the valuation process. Towncity Real Estate has that competitive edge.

Towncity Real Estate Co., Ltd is formed to answer the requirement of customers for a property valuation service with strong local knowledge and experience plus international concept.

Valuation Service Statement

  • We provide 12/7 on subject property inspection
  • We provide our customer and partners with Trust and Convenience
  • We provide free of charge on verbal checking of market value before site inspection
  • The report will be provided within 02 to 03 days

Why your property should be evaluated?  

  • Understanding about your property market value.
  • Being easy for you to determine the suitable selling price on your properties.
  • Totally determine your asset (properties) to be your investment purpose.
  • Being the proof in front of law when you transfer it to your relative or to the others.
  • Keeping for mortgage or loan or to show the embassies.

Why choosing Towncity for Property Valuation Partner?

A strong and experienced local team with international advisors plus fully local property database and transactions brought Towncity valuation team to become an outstanding and professional one. Our 12 years’ experience appraisers will provide you with high quality valuation standard, just in time, accurate, honest, trust, convenience and the last but not least of Towncity’s philosophy is to bring the benefit back to its customers and partners.


We now have real estate agents spread throughout Cambodia in order to offer … each area,

as well as local contacts you may need to help find your property.

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